Saturday, September 8, 2012

Week In Review

1. Daddy and Xander posing with Hulk who is made out of lego
2. a beautiful sky
3. Xander all smiles on our trip to toronto
4. music time
5. The CN tower
6. Our bounty
7. Colourful Xander 
8. posing with the delorian 

1. Hanging out at Fairbanks Resort
2. Xander in our yard
3. Daddy and Xander
4. My sister in law Michelle with Meah
5. Xander with pepere
6. smooches
7. Marissa with Chippy
8. My friend Andria with her little one Maddy


She is...: This is a picture of my niece Marissa. I used alot of dear lizzy on this page because I love the soft colours.

Name an Embarrassing Moment: I created this page based on a challenge to use ombre. This is a picture of my co-workers at my wedding remembering my many embarassing moments and trying to pick one.

Full of Wonder: This is a picture my husband took of our little boy.  Its such a sweet picture so I kept my layout pretty simple.

Candy Table: These are picture of the candy table at our wedding. Again I used dear lizzy.  This challenge was to use confetti.


Watch Out Here Comes Trouble: I just love this picture of our little nephew Brody. He's a funny little guy and he totally looks like he's about to cause some trouble. 

Week In Review

Ok so its been a long time since I last posted. A really long time! Life just gets so busy and next thing you know a month has passed. 

1. Me and my little sweet
2. Pepere and Xander
3. Xander with his cousins Owen and Brody
4. My kitchen
5. Gramma feeding Xander peas I think
6. Learning to drink from a straw
7. having a good morning
8. we won third place in a friendly 'King of the Grill' contest

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week in Review

1. Greek Dessert
2. Xander finding new spots in the house to crawl too
3. Sweet sweet Meah
4. My honey
5. Hanging out with the Field family at the Greek festival
6. Me and my princess niece Marissa
7. The Helenic Center
8. Marissa and Xander

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Meah and Xander: For this layout I used Heyday by Studio Calico and Dear Lizzy from American Crafts.  I wanted to try working with triangles becuase they are on trend right now and I love how the page turned out.  This is a picture of Xander and his little cousin Meah.  They are just to cute together and I wanted to capture that on this page.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week In Review

1. hanging out with Roxie
2. Daddy and Xander 
3. Eating sweet potatoes for the first time
4. 6 months old!
5. My little monkey
6. Trying to get our little one to sleep
7. Hello
8. A visit from Xander's cousins Amy and Brad