Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post Baby Weight Loss Journey

Ok so it's time.......time to start losing the baby weight.  Xander is now 5 months old I am ready to get back into a routine.  Before I was pregnant I did workout quite a bit but once my belly began to grow I stopped altogether.  I felt tired all the time, was nauseated by every smell you could think of and I ate whatever I wanted.  I'm talking a portion for 2 of lasanga everyday for lunch! Needless to say I gained 35 pounds on top of the 25 pounds I was working to lose before pregnancy.  I'm 5'4 so this extra weight is really not comfortable. I tried WW a couple of weeks after Xander was born because it had worked for me in the past, but my head just wasn't in it this time around.  My focus will be eating healthy and low impact exercise to get started. Now I think that maybe, just maybe if I blog about my post baby weight loss journey I will be more likey to succeed. I am now accountable to the world wide web.  So here goes.......

My stats:
Starting weight: 200 lbs
Weight loss thus far: 22 lbs  (10 lbs was baby)
Goal weight: 140 lbs
Pounds left to lose: 38 lbs ( wow, ok I can do this!)

Now here are some before pictures (cringe)

June 2012

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